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Corvette Interface Adapter Basics

Great!  You've just arrived home with a complete C5 / C6 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension system for your project, when you realize...


Corvette suspension

All of the mounts for the upper control arms, the shocks and the lower aluminum cradle are still an integral part of the Corvette's unibody frame, rusting away at the salvage yard.

No problem. With a Corvette Interface Adapter Kit from Dobbertin Performance Innovations, you can install a C5 / C6 Corvette IRS into just about anything with four wheels.

And you can do it in much less time than it would take to even install a typical 4-link or ladder bar system!


Corvette suspension

STEP 1: Install the Corvette Interface Adapters to the lower factory cradle – with two bolts per side.


This instantly converts the C5 or C6 lower cradle to a complete top to bottom unit with every suspension mount precisely positioned and properly aligned.

Corvette suspension

STEP 2: Install the upper control arms onto the Corvette Interface Adapters – with two bolts per side.


Both the upper and lower control arms, as well as the spindles, are now very close to their final position – and can be aligned, fairly close, by eye at this point.

Corvette suspension

STEP 3: Install the shocks onto the lower control arms and the adapters – with three bolts per side.


The stock shocks may be used along with the factory transverse spring – but only if the cradle and spring haven't been narrowed.  If a narrowed cradle is used, then a pair of coil-over shocks can replace the factory shocks and spring, for cleaner appearance as well as an easily adjustable ride. 

We recommend Ridetech components.


Corvette suspension

STEP 4: Install the billet aluminum cover plates to the top of the adapters – with six bolts per side.


The cover plates not only add a finished appearance to the assembly –  but also some additional strength by tying the six uprights together.

Corvette suspension

The assembly is now complete and ready to install.

It just doesn't get any easier than this!

Corvette suspension

No Fabricating – No Guesswork – No Hassle!


The Cradles are available in Thirteen widths to accommodate just about any custom project that you can dream up!  All of the widths listed below are based on Wheel Mounting Surface to Wheel Mounting Surface Dimensions:

66.75” / 65.75” / 64.75” / 63.75” / 62.75 / 61.75” / 60.5”

 59.75” / 58.75” / 57.75" / 56.75" / 55.75" / 54.75"

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